Glow Shaker



Glow Shaker!!!!

Keep Glowing
Keep Shaking
Keep Moving

🥤Your All in One Protein Beauty Shake! 🥤The Only Protein Shake you will ever need!

Delicious Chocolate Flavoured!

🍶High in Protein
🍶Low Carb
🍶Boosts Metabolism
🍶Appetite Suppressant
🍶Anti-Ageing and Skin Benefits

Formulated with:
🥥Whey Protein (Halaal),
🥥 Glutamine,
🥥 Caffeine
🥥Vitamin B Complex
▶️giving you the best way to kick start your day the delicious way!

Infused with :
🥥marine collagen
🥥 glutathione
▶️to provided added skin and health benefits
▶️glowing and even skintone
▶️healthy, stronger hair & nails.

🍶If you’re searching for a complete-nutrition shake that satisfies hunger cravings, Glow Shaker offers a great-tasting solution.
🍶 Glow Shaker is the perfect complete protein shake.

🍶The safe and carefully balanced ingredients support weight management, lean muscle mass development, and recovery.

🍶A perfect meal-replacement shake—or a mid-day snack.
Simply Dissolve 1 scoop in a large glass of water/ Almond Milk/ simply blend into your favorite smoothie.

🍶A delicious Chocolate Flavour!
Enjoy Hot/Cold

🍶Effective when used as a part of a kilojoule controlled diet, following a healthy balanced diet and exercise.

With Every Glow Shaker Purchase, receive a Glow Shaker Bottle allowing you to make your shake, easy and on the go!

Not recommended to be used for under 18s
Pregnant/ Breastfeeding
Allergies to Sulfur, Fish or Shellfish.
Sensitivity to caffeine.

30 servings

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